New thermal baby bottles – perfect for days out

If you’re a parent who is constantly on-the-go, baby and all, the new thermal baby bottle range by Pacific Baby is definitely worth checking out.

Targeting parents with an active lifestyle, Pacific Baby offers a range of bottles that keep the temperature from 6 to 10 hours (depending on bottle size) so you can feed your babs warm or cold liquids in any weather.

The stainless steel, vacuum sealed bottles are BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free, and easily convert to sip cups and children’s drink bottles, offering parents an environmentally-friendly product life span of 5 years +.

The thermal baby bottles are also environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable – and are steamer and dishwasher safe. There is an inner scale that simplifies measurements and teats, breast-like in shape, have three speeds. Handles and a spout can be added to convert the bottle into a sippy cup, and a drink top can be added for a thermal drink bottle (for older kids).

I remember a mummy friend telling me that when they were road-tripping with their daughter, they’d have to stop at a pub (for some hot water) every time she needed a bottle because Madame would only drink warm milk – and the stopping was annoying because it wasn’t always convenient. It’s at times like these that I imagine a thermal bottle is the perfect solution.

Designed by a parent? – Yes! – all the good stuff is!

Pacific Baby offers two thermal bottle-types; the 3-in-One and the All-in-One. The difference being that the All-in-One is a newer design – both bottles offer the same functionality.

The 3-in-One bottles come on 4oz or 7oz sizes, and look super cool with metallic finishes – ‘Bubbles’ in orange, ‘Blueberries’ in light blue, Cherries in green (with red cherries), ‘Swirls’ in dark blue (with yellow swirls) and ‘Fish’ in red.

The All-in-One bottles are 7oz bottles available in metallic purple or red.

And just an interesting fyi: the All-in-One is the first thermal baby bottle in the world that affords parents 100% visibility of the feeding liquid, while keeping milk or juice at temperature.

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