Tips for coping with a newborn and toddler

With a newborn and toddler, life can be quite stressful. What once was a relatively easy day can suddenly be turned upside down. Now you have two little people who demand your attention, so how do you cope?


newborn and toddler


There’s no denying that it will be hard at times to cope with a toddler and a newborn, but it won’t be impossible. Here are some tips to help you through the first few weeks and months.


Prepare as much as you can before your baby is born. Cook and freeze meals so you and your family have ready-made dinners to see you though the first couple of weeks.


Lower your expectations of what you want your house to look like… during the first few weeks, use your time to get used to your new addition and the new family dimensions. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t wash up for a day or two and take any offers of help you might get from family members and friends.


Involving your toddler from day one will help you lots over the coming months. Involve them in games with the baby and get them to help in any way they can – from fetching a nappy to helping do up poppers on a baby grow. Be sure to praise them for their help.


Make them aware from the start that the baby is interested in them, listening to them and watching what they’re doing. Your toddler will thrive on this attention and enjoy making faces and noises at the baby.


Take time to spend quality moments with your toddler on their own, as well as involving them with your newborn. And the same goes for spending time with just your small baby. If you have a good support network, then ask someone to feed the baby while you play with your toddler or take the to the park.