Newborns: What to Expect

The newborn phase is a magical one; its quirks not always what you’d expect from babyhood. Here’s how those first few special weeks are likely to unfold.

Newborns: What to Expect

Bringing your new baby back from the hospital in a car seat, the important thing is to have them sleep flat on their back from that point onwards—and sleep will be your baby’s favourite activity…at least for the next couple weeks.

Baby will need to sleep in close proximity to you during these early days. That said, prepare for plenty of noise while they slumber. A cacophony of coughing, vomiting, snoring and sneezing is not uncommon, as baby works to clear their airways from amniotic fluid.

The average wake-for-feed cycle is around every 3-4 hours. Your newborn will stay awake for only a short time postfeed before nodding off again. Use this time to rest!

The umbilical cord stump will stick around until a week or so post-delivery. Clean it with cooled boiled water and a cotton ball, allowing to dry thoroughly. And expect to be cleaning baby’s bum 10-12 times a day. Really.

Ditch any idea of routine for now; 6 weeks is usually a good place to gently introduce one…and you’ll be rewarded with a smile around the same time, too.

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