Non-Toxic Teethers for Tough Tots

There’s plenty research warning of the toxic dangers in plastic baby toys and teethers (even the BPA-free ones), so old-school wooden stuff is making a comeback. And, like one mum and dad duo prove ,going retro is not just better for babes’ health – it can be seriously cool, too.Non-Toxic Teethers for Tough Tots

When her 6-month-old son began cutting his first gnashers, Naphtalie Onstot enlisted her woodwork-dabbling husband to come up with a safe alternative to the standard plastic teether.

Hubby Jon promptly delivered a knuckleduster-shaped maple wood teether (as only a dad designer
would do). And it was inevitable that the non-toxic teether, in such a unique shape for tough lil’ tots, would turn out to be crazy-popular with mums bored to death with bunnies ‘n’ bears.

Hand-rubbed with a mixture of organic coconut oil and beeswax – they’re also “self-healing”; in other words, no splinters. The most awesome thing about the hand-crafted product (besides the image of a chubby cherub brandishing this big-guy teether) is its family-centric provenance: “Our 4-year-old daughter Emma has some pretend power tools and a little work bench next to his in the garage and will help him sand teethers. We literally cut hang tags to prep them for shipping while the kids play at our feet”, says Jon.

Tough Love Teethers are made to order for $15 apiece; and two new ‘softer’ designs are also
available – a heart, and a baseball diamond. But it’s safe to say that the typical cuddly baby motifs won’t become part of the range: “It’s important to us to stick with more ‘manly’ designs,” says Naphtalie, “because Jon doesn’t really want to make bunnies and flowers.”

The teethers are currently only available in the US – would you dig to have them in your baby’s stash?