Why November Due Dates are Trending (Sort Of)

Ever noticed that preggers family members and friends tend to pop right around September? Something in the air–or is it just that congenial Christmas spirit…?

Pregnant belly

Speaking at the The Baby & Toddler Show midwife Katie Hilton explains the phenomenon:

“September is traditionally the most common month of birth and maternity units across the country generally always see an increase in admissions at this time of year, often this is related to a surge in unprotected sex during the Christmas holiday period.”

But it looks as though St. Valentine is finally living up to his reputation too, inspiring amorous liaisons in many a couple:

“However, this year there appears to be an increase in November births, indicating conception occurring sometime around Valentine’s Day,” says Hilton.

Also, autumn deliveries tend to proliferate because those attempting to conceive try to plan around the schooling calendar–parents prefer their children to fall into the later part of the year when enrolment opens.” Explains Hilton–

“Research has demonstrated that this offers a child a greater opportunity to achieve academically.”

The midwife reiterates that her anecdotal theories are just that; once the Office of National Statistics findings for 2017 are released, we’ll know for sure what everyone is up to this festive season…kinda wishing we don’t, though.

Via madeformums