Parents admit that first birthdays are all about status

According to a survey by, first birthdays are all about status – keeping up with the Jones’s. Dear parents, when did we become so superficial?!

It’s all about the food, the entertainment, the number of guests, the goody bag; the celebration of a precious life seems to have taken a backseat.

Of the couples who participated in the survey, 52 per cent spent between £200 and £750 on their child’s first birthday party. The minority (8 per cent) spent under £100, 30 per cent spent between £100 and £200, and 10 per cent spent over £750. Some respondents spent up to £1200 on a first birthday as costs had included a commemorative photo shoot – eeek!

(Where do you fit in on the ‘spend-o-graph’?)

The majority of parents (45 per cent) admitted to spending more time planning a first birthday party than a family holiday, Christmas or what car to buy. And entertainment is a first birthday must, with children’s entertainers, bouncy castles, ball pools and simple party games being the most popular.

Here’s the thing (and I may receive a cyber-slap for saying it); our one-year-old children will never remember their first birthday parties. They’ll have the photos to prove it but that’s about all. Surely a cake and a cuddle should suffice? But it’s not about them is it? It’s about us.

All I’m trying to say is that if we are going BIG for birthday number one, we should do so for the right reasons; to have a good time and honour our child and the people who are important to him/her.  I know that I sound totally teacher-y but sometimes we need a little talking to; one-upping the neighbour is just not cool.

Turning one is a milestone event! Spend the money, have fun doing it but don’t do it to be better than…