Parents Face-off with the Ultimate Baby Changing Challenge

Question: How do parents raise triplets — without going postal?

Answer: A generous dose of daily humour. (Plus a healthy bit of mum vs dad competition…)


Couple Ryan and Desi are no strangers to hard work; after struggling with infertility for three years, the parents hit the bambino jackpot – finding out they were expecting triplets. As incredible as their story is, bringing up three children simultaneously in the stage of feed-me-hold-me-poopy-pants ain’t no cakewalk, —but by the power of tandem baby duty, comic relief, and the occasional break from teamwork to duke it out over who rules the changing station, family has managed to do a pretty bang up job.

Eight-month-old Charlize, Sawyer and Jax are well-accustomed to the spotlight, having been introduced to the world whilst still in-utero through an adorable gender-reveal video.

Now, the viral stars take part in the ultimate parent show-down, with Mummy and Daddy racing against time, each other, and the perpetually wriggly triple-threat team to see who’s fastest at bum changes.

In a video captured beforehand, mum Desi points out: ‘I’m the one who changes the most diapers.’ Yet dad’s bravado just won’t succumb to forfeit.
Tsk, tsk, Pops.

For the record, my three-year-old daughter totally called this contest (high-five, girl); still, you have to give concession for the fact that Ryan kissing his little ones after each change is what actually slowed him down — so, so sweet.

Mum still won, though.

Source: Daily Mail