Patient Opinion – feedback for the NHS

Mums and dads – if you’ve had a five-star experience with the NHS and are dying to share your thanks, or conversely you’ve had a  dismal time and need to rant, there is a new independent site that gives you the opportunity to do both. asks you, the patient, to record your story, good or bad, with the intention of improving health care services.

It’s a non-profit feedback platform that has been operating for seven years. Patient Opinion is about honest and meaningful conversations between patients and health services.

Your messages are passed on to the right people; hopefully you will get a response and maybe change will be initiated. But whatever happens, it’s important to have your say, whether it’s one of thanks or criticism.

As much as it’s important to air disappointment, it’s also important to pass along kudos when they’re due. Constructive criticism is a good thing and positive affirmation builds confidence and makes people better at their jobs.

In my experience, people have an insatiable need to be heard; write about your birth experience, a trip to the A&E with your child or a family visit to the doctor. How has the NHS helped or hindered your health and the health of your children.

To date, Patient Opinion has logged around 46,000, 48 per cent of which received responses and 13 per cent of which incited change.

If you’re interested in writing about your experiences, visit