The perfect gift for a new mum

What new mum has time to bake? Seriously? Newborns are hard work (as if you didn’t know) and finding time to mix up some sponge, never mind think about a recipe, is a thing of days gone by. Now, this might not be a big deal for you but if you’re a lover of all things cake-y or you know a new mum who is, Mima Sinclair’s Mug Cakes is a must have book.

perfect gift

If it seems like I’m being ironic – like, I just said that not all that money new mums will have time for making cakes and now you’re all confused…The beauty of ‘cake in a cup’ is that it takes less than ten minutes to chuck the ingredients in a cup and cook it up in the microwave.

So, to make the forty recipes listed in the book happen, you’ll need a microwave, a microwavable mug (the book lists the criteria) and cake staples: butter, sugar, eggs, flour and salt.  Covering everything from everyday classics (carrot, chocolate, vanilla), through more special occasion fare (birthday bonanza, red velvet valentine, black forest gateau) to treats and puds (choc fudge, knickerbocker glory), happy hour (pina colada, Irish cream) and of course not forgetting low-fat, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free cakes, there’s something for everyone.

When you crave a quick, sponge-infested sugar-fix, Mug Cakes, defined by the concept ‘easy dessert’, is sure to come in handy. Check out for more deets.