Perfect Pink Preggo Mocktail!

Being pregnant need not mean you have to turn down the sundowners—mix up this sparkling, seasonal (and pink!) fruity mocktail to match the best of ‘em.

Preggo Mocktail

You could adapt the basic idea of the recipe—balancing sweet and sour—to accommodate any fave fruit cordial; although citrus tends to pair the best with berries!

The tastiest part about this juicy non-alcoholic cocktail (besides the drinking of it) is that it’s super-simple and speedy to put together—an instant refresher during these balmy summer days and nights.

TIP: swop out the cordial with a 100 percent raspberry juice (adding rose water, if you want) to minus the refined sugar and make the mocktail even more guilt-free.

What You Need:

  • 25ml raspberry and rose cordial
  • lime (1 wedge, fresh)
  • 3 raspberries (fresh)
  • sparkling water (for top up)

How to Mix:

  • Fill a tall glass with cubes of ice—to your preference.
  • Squeeze some fresh lime all over the ice and drop the wedge into the glass
  • Pour in the rose and raspberry cordial
  • Top up with your favourite sparkling water
  • Gently drop in a handful of fresh raspberries
  • Stir, and enjoy, mama!

Via netmums