Pockit: the World’s Smallest Folding Stroller – Seriously!

One of the most cumbersome, impractical and infuriating pieces of paraphernalia mums get to trudge around – from pillar to post – is the stroller. Yet we can’t escape them; they’re an absolute necessity. (No matter how much we loathe them.)

Pockit: the World's Smallest Folding Stroller - Seriously!

But this little Pockit rocket could make you fall in love — or at least hate your day a little less when you’ve got to break out the buggy taxi.

The ultimate solution for frequent flyers, drivers of boot-challenged hatchbacks, and anybody who just needs more space in their lives (who doesn’t?), the Pockit Stroller by GoodBaby currently holds the title of world’s smallest folding stroller by the Guinness World Records. It packs away into an incredibly compact 35cm x 30cm x 18cm fold – just teensy enough to stash in your tote bag!

The miracle set of wheels even boasts a comfy padded seat, removable and washable fabrics, a large sun canopy and…*drumroll please*… an underseat storage basket. For realz.

And you don’t need to be Houdini to release the Pockit from the physics-defying fold; all it requires is a simple unlock of the fold-lock mechanism plus a wrist flick forward, and then your tot’s chariot awaits.

So, where do you sign up for this magic ride? The GoodBaby model won’t be available until Spring 2016, but Mothercare is selling a a similar version under the name XSS (Xtra Small Stroller).

Click HERE to see it in action!


*Suitable for children aged six months and up, it can bear up to 24 kilograms of weight.*