Post-pregnancy benefits of Pilates

Pilates was developed in the 1940s by a German nurse named Joseph Pilate who created the moves to help rehabilitate solders from World War II. This form of exercise that is based on the moves of yoga has proved to be popular, particularly in recent years.

Focusing mostly on core strength, you can strengthen the smaller tendons and muscles that support the larger muscles and joints and being a ‘gentler’ form of exercise Pilates is especially suitable for women who have not long had a baby, for strengthening the muscles that have become weak during pregnancy, such as the pelvic muscle.

The post-pregnancy benefits of Pilates were advocated by Jennifer Gianni, a leading expert in fitness for pregnancy. Jennifer Gianni’s book, ‘Fusion Pilates for Post Pregnancy & C-Section Recovery’, specialises in pre and post natal Pilates at her Los Angeles and New York studio.

Ms Gianna’s work concentrating on Fusion Pilates began when she fell pregnant with her first child, and was shocked at how little information was available for women on how to stay in shape during pregnancy.

The health and fitness expert acclaims her Fusion Pilates method as being a rapid “bounce back” method to getting back into shape after her first baby. Once Jennifer’s clients had seen her speedy and effective results, her studios quickly became full of pre natal and postnatal women.

‘Fusion Pilates for Post Pregnancy & C-Section’ has been described as being “a must for getting back your pre-pregnant body”.

As well as including yoga-infused Pilates and low-impact cardio activities to shape and tone the body, the DVD includes real footage of Jennifer immediately after she had had a C-Section and gives viewer tips and advice on how to prepare your body for post-pregnancy working out.