Post-pregnancy cravings – what are new mums post-pregnancy cravings?

You’ve carried your baby for around nine months, she’s exited your body one way or another and whilst you may miss the kicks and cuddles going on inside your bloated belly, you feel… free! Bring on the camembert and a bottle of red.

So, here’s the question; what do you crave in your new post-pregnancy condition? Cussons Mum & Me did a survey to find out, and here’s a list of new mums post-pregnancy cravings (in descending order):

  1. A good night’s sleep.
  2. A long bath.
  3. A glass of wine.
  4. To fit into pre-preggy jeans.
  5. A romantic meal out.
  6. A holiday in the sun.
  7. A guilt-free night out.
  8. A week off.
  9. A live-in nanny.

Well… a good night’s sleep and a week off are certainly out, a live-in nanny might be a tall order and fitting in to pre-preggy jeans will require some effort  but everything else is totally doable.

My first baby was born at the beginning of December and I remember being ecstatic at the thought of mulled wine and boozy eggnog. My second baby was born in early January, so I missed the Christmas and New Year’s drinking but was happy for mouldy cheese and a glass of red.

I also craved (and still do) a holiday in the sun – I’m fairly certain that it has something more to do with living in England than pregnancy itself?

What were your post-pregnancy cravings?

Source: – “New mum cravings revealed. Number 8: A live-in nanny”