Potty training myths

Potty training your toddler can be a stressful time for both parents and toddler, not to mention messy. Like many arenas of life that spark debate over how it is ‘done best’, potty training has many myths attached to it.

To make your journey to toilet training your child run more smoothly, eradicate the following potty training myths.

Accidents prove that a child’s not ready

Accidents are an inevitable part of teaching a toddler to use a toilet. Your little one has a lot to take in and remember and is bound to have a few accidents. Convincing yourself when you see the first puddle on the floor that your child is not ready will only prolong the process in the long run – perseverance is the key to successful potty training.

Potty train in the summer and not the winter

Whilst there are several advantages to potty training in the summer, namely there is usually less washing involved and your child can run around without a nappy on, there is no evidence to show training a child to use the potty or toilet will be any more successful during the summer. You will know when yourself and your child are ready to ‘take the plunge’, regardless of what season it is.

Use the toilet instead of a potty

Some children get on well with a potty; others do not and prefer to copy their parents and older siblings by using the toilet. While there are few ‘rules’ when it comes to toilet training a child, it is a good idea to let them decide which method  they prefer. For example, start by using a potty, and if your toddler does not seem to be getting on well with it, introduce him to the toilet.

Children are being naughty when they wet themselves

Whilst a child wetting themselves, especially in a public place, can be disappointing and embarrassing for a parent, it is important not to get angry and remember that your child is not being naughty. Setbacks will occur on this difficult journey, just remember to always put some spare clothes in your bag.