Practical bed wetting advice

The majority of children stop wetting the bed when they gain control of their bladder and are out of nappies. For some, however, bed wetting can continue out of toddler stage and well into being a child, leading to many a sleepless night and embarrassment.

It is important to teach your child that bed wetting is normal. Here is some useful and practical bed wetting advice.

Don’t get angry

Whilst bedwetting can be frustrating for both parents and the child, it is important to remember that your child has no control over wetting the bed and that it is not his fault. Instead of becoming angry remain patient and understanding, as becoming angry will only intensify the problem.

No teasing

Older siblings and even sometimes parents themselves can sometimes tease a child about their bed wetting habits. Ensure that you enforce a ‘no teasing rule’ in the house, as being inflicted to teasing can often make a child more prone to wet the bed.

Reduce the evening fluid intake

Refrain from giving your youngster anything to drink at least two hours before bedtime. Also make sure that he goes to the toilet before getting into bed.

Ensure your child has ‘easy access’ to the toilet

Plunging your child into complete darkness will not encourage him to use the toilet. Instead light up the path to the toilet by using night lights, or even provide a potty or portable toilet if necessary.


Don’t dismiss the idea of putting a nappy on your child just because he is no longer a baby. Whilst a child may feel embarrassed at wearing a nappy at night, it is often much less embarrassing than waking up in soaking sheets.

A bedwetting alarm

Bedwetting alarms can be used but only, we suggest, as a last resort. These alarms work by being hooked onto a sheet and, when it feels even the smallest bit of urine, wakes your child by sounding its alarm. Whilst this approach may sound quite harsh, for kids who are embarrassed that they still wet the bed, giving them more control over the situation can actually be quite an effective and proactive way to curb the problem.

Bedwetting alarm clocks can be bought at and at