Preggers? Here’s 5 Alcohol-Free Mocktails to Share with Your Sweetheart 

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean beverage should be boring; check out these delish (and oh-so-pretty) virgin alternatives to the date night drinks menu.

Cocktail umbrella

Grape Escape

Tint your bubbly pink or gold by choosing purple or white sparkling grape juice.

Stir together ½ cup sparkling grape juice and ½ cup seltzer. Then splash on the rocks (i.e. into ice-filled glasses) and add in a few raspberries or frozen grapes.

Lemon Kiss

If you’ve got a taste for something tarty, stir up 1 cup sparkling lemonade, 1 cup seltzer, and ¼ cup grenadine syrup. Pour into ice-filled tumblers and slice up some cheeky lime for the rim.

Cherry Bomb

Not into syrupy sweet? This refreshing drink is still a tastebud-teasing treat: just swirl together ¾ cup grapefruit juice and ¾ cup tonic water, pour over plenty ice and pretty up with pitted cherries.

Cranberry Sparkler

Mix up cranberry, raspberry and orange juice along with some sparkling cider for a blushing melange of deliciousness.

Watermelon Crush

Blitz fresh watermelon chunks into a smooth puree, add sugar (or honey) and lime juice and whizz up once more. Go retro with a fresh mint garnish. Then cheers yourself because you’re getting your mocktail on and loading up on an excellent nutri-boost for babs.