Pregnancy brain – fact or fiction?

Many people will be familiar with the expressions ‘pregnancy brain’ or ‘baby brain’, whether they’re parents or not. So, what exactly does this mean and is there any truth behind it?

Pregnancy brain – fact or fiction?

Forgetfulness and poor concentration are just a couple of the things pregnant women have complained of in terms of ‘baby brain’. The feelings of being halfway through the day before realising your jumper is on inside out, starting a sentence and totally losing your train of thought, or going upstairs and forgetting what you went to get, can be quite common. While some may dismiss this as an old wives’ tale, it seems there really could be such a thing.


While there have been numerous studies undertaken and lots of theories surrounding pregnancy brain, no one seems to be completely sure why it happens. It could be to do with how your perceptions change while you’re pregnant or the fact you’re more tired and have lots of things on your mind, which can make it harder than usual to concentrate.


It’s suggested that during pregnancy your brain rewires to improve your sensitivity to emotion, your ability to read facial expressions and your intuition. Some areas of your brain may expand, while others get pruned back to allow you to be ready to fully focus on caring for your baby when the time comes. There’s a chance these physical changes could explain the forgetfulness.


If you find yourself being particularly forgetful during pregnancy, try leaving things, such as your keys or phone, in the same place. If you make an appointment, then write it down on your calendar or in your diary straight away. Make lists of things that need to be done and tick them off once they’re complete.


Above all, try not to stress about forgetfulness while you’re pregnant. Take time out to de-clutter your mind whenever you can – whether that’s by putting your feet up with a book or having a nice long bath.


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