Pregnancy exercise tips! Three simple yet effective pregnancy exercise regimes

It is understandable and completely natural for a pregnant lady to be zapped of energy and feel like doing not much at all other lounge about with their feet up. While this might sound like the most desirable way to spend a pregnancy, adopting a more active pregnant existence will prove more beneficial to both yourself and your baby.

Not only will exercising whilst pregnant help alleviate slumps in energy and make you feel less tired, but carrying out some moderate exercise throughout your pregnancy can help prevent excessive weight gain as well a helping you return to your pre-pregnancy figure after you have had the baby.

Pregnancy exercise tips

Performing regular gentle exercise whilst pregnant can also help to prevent complications in pregnancy and lead to an easier and less complicated birth. You may be interested in the following pregnancy exercise tips – three simple yet effective pregnancy exercise regimes.

Get walking

Walking from between 20 and 45 minutes a day whilst pregnant will stretch your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and lower back muscles, as well as increase your blood circulation and energy levels.

Stand up straight and breathe deeply!

Stand up straight with your back against the wall. Ensure that your shoulders, head, hips and heels are touching the wall. Gently pull your tummy in whilst taking deep, slow breaths. Slowly release and repeat three times.

This gentle exercise will make you feel more energised; help with your breathing during labour and will gently stretch and tone the muscles. 

The spine lengthener!

Find a comfortable place, such as a mat or a bed, and get on all fours. Lean forward and extend your arms in front of you whilst resting your forehead on the floor or, if for additional comfort, on a pillow.

Stay in this position, keeping your spine as long as possible. Repeat every day and this exercise will help you to relax and take some pressure of your back and spine.