Pregnancy Food Guide app

There are so many things that you should and shouldn’t eat during your pregnancy – how’s a girl to remember it all!? How much caffeine are we allowed, which fish should we avoid, how much is too much tuna and how are we supposed to have our eggs?

Antair Corporation has devised an app aimed to help us remember all of the above.

The Pregnancy Food Guide app is an informative guide that handy when shopping for food or eating at a restaurant. It features hundreds of common foods, drinks and ingredients, along with information on whether the food is safe to consume during pregnancy, and any related benefits or dangers.

The app is divided into two sections: During Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy. It boasts an intuitive search function that allows users to search by food, drink, ingredient or keyword.

It includes a shopping list feature and something really useful is that the app is available with or without internet access!

Do remember that the app is not a recipe book; it contains details about foods that are suitable (or not) whilst you are carrying your baby and after birth as well.

CLICK HERE to download the Pregnancy Food Guide app.