Pregnancy Hacks: How to Cool Down in the Heat

The heatwave may be over, but summer is still in swing—and being pregnant only ups the sweaty discomfort of warmer temps. Here are 5 super-simple ways to cool down bump and body.

Pregnant woman outside

Chow down on ice chips

Ice chips are already famous in preggo circles for dehydration management in labour, so when it’s hot, it makes sense to snack on the (ice) chips before the big day, too.

Change your sheets

Night time is especially wrought with sticky discomfort when you have to work around the extra weight of a bump and higher core body temperature. Swop out your bedding for sheets made of 100% natural fibres—like cotton or linen—as these don’t trap heat.

Freeze fruit

Frozen berries and grapes are an upgrade to the ice chip hack, and a healthier spin on that tub of ice-cream craving. You could also pop the berries—or some sliced strawbs–into lolly moulds, top with water then freeze for DIY, good-for-you lollies.


Buy a cheap spray bottle, fill with water, and keep in the fridge. It’s normal to feel hotter than usual, and sweat more. If you’re felling overheated; take the spray bottle out of the fridge and spritz for instant, cooling relief.

Reach for the pulse points

Pulse points are the inside of the wrists, insides of the elbows and behind the ears and knees. Dab cold water (or an ice chip!) at these spots, or mist with your handy spray bottle.

Via motherandbaby