This Is What Pregnancy Looks Like – On the INSIDE

Ever wonder just how an entire other human being can fit inside another?

This Is What Pregnancy Looks Like - On the INSIDE

Of course, you don’t expect it to be as simple as Babushka doll anatomics — and the reality is as uncomfortably squishy as you’d imagine; but it’s also so much more fascinating than a ballooning belly bump lets on…

This GIF shows how a woman’s internal organs move to make room for the growing baby in her womb. It comes from an interactive tool from Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, which gives an inside view of the bodily changes that occur from the very moment of  conception to post-birth.

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See how the heart pumps harder, organs are squeezed and muscles and joints loosen. Seamless, miraculous physiology in motion.

Plenty pregnancy side effects are blamed on hormonal fluxes, yet a decent number of them are in fact the direct effect of having a child set up digs within the already economically-packed maternal environs. Compacted lungs and digestive framework translates into shortness of breath, heartburn, acidic burps, frequent sprints to the loo and flatulence — you know, the fun stuff.

The only seeming inaccuracy with the GIF during the ‘birth’ itself; that critter slipped out of mama way too easily…

Check out the full version of the interactive tool HERE.