Pregnancy wear on a budget

Maternity wear can be really expensive and, unless you’re planning to have more children, you’ll only wear it for a few months. There are lots of ways you can adapt your existing clothing and seek out items that can accommodate your growing body, without spending a fortune. There are also a couple of must-have multi-functional items you won’t want to be without.

Pregnancy wear on a budget

Belly bands

A belly band is a great way to keep everything under wraps as your belly expands. If your trousers or jeans are getting a little snug around the waist, pop a belly band over them to keep them in place. It’s simply a soft piece of stretchy fabric that fits around your middle – you can buy them, or you could make your own by cutting off the top half of a tight fitting, stretchy t-shirt.

Bra extenders

Your bust size will change several times during pregnancy and buying new bras to allow for this can be costly. Bra back extenders can help add a few inches to your existing ones, but it’s always good to get measured as well and invest in a good maternity bra when you start to feel uncomfortable.

Oversized clothes

Go to a charity shop and invest in a few t-shirts, jumpers and hoodies from the men’s section or in sizes a few above your own. This way you’ll also be cosy and comfy as your belly grows – perfect for chilling at home.


A well-placed belt is a great trick for maternity wear. It creates shape and can show off your bump in style. It’s a quick and easy way to make shirts, dresses and over-sized jumpers look stylish, without buying an entire new wardrobe!


Stretchy, comfy and relatively cheap in most shops, leggings could be your saviour during pregnancy. Perfect for teaming up with a hoody for a lazy day or wear them underneath dresses and oversized shirts for extra comfort.