Tips on preparing your home for a new baby

Having a new baby completely changes your world and your home. Some things you used to take for granted are now going to be more of a challenge, so before your new little bundle of joy arrives, here are some ways you can prepare your home for a new baby.


preparing your home



One of the biggest things many parents find when they have a new baby is how much stuff is needed. So, removing unwanted items from your home and making areas less cluttered will massively help you. While now you may be able to climb over various pairs of shoes that line the hallway to the front door, this may not be so easy when it comes to navigating your way through with a pram. So, finding homes for these items now, rather than later when you have a lot on your plate, is a good idea.


Make space in the kitchen

Soon, you’re going to be overrun with bottles, sterilisers and other baby feeding items. Make space in your kitchen cupboards to house them now, before baby comes home, so you have less chaos to deal with and you know where to find anything you need – whatever time of day or night you may need it!


Do a ‘safety check’

While most babies don’t start crawling until around eight months of age, some may get moving earlier and it may well take you by surprise. So, it’s a good idea to get yourself prepared well in advance. Make your home baby proof by getting in the habit of keeping hot things away from the edge of counters and making sure the handles of pots and pans are out of reach. Secure cupboards with baby locks; make sure all cords are hidden away and fit stair gates at the top and bottom of all staircases.


Install your car seat in advance

Whilst your car isn’t necessarily your home, getting it ready too will be very important in ensuring a smooth transition when leaving the house with a newborn. Getting used to getting your baby in and out of your car seat and attaching the car seat itself to the base might sound easy, but in the dark or whilst trying not to wake a sleeping little one, it can be harder than it looks. Make sure the base of your car seat is set up and ready to go well in advance, as you can’t count on when you might suddenly need it – and this is definitely something you won’t want to be doing on the way home from the hospital. Have a few trial runs at getting the car seat in and out so you feel really comfortable with it.