Prince George named ‘Most Influential Person in London’!

How old is Prince George – 3/4 months, right (born July 22, 2013)!? In spite of his tiny size and minute age, PG has appeared first on the Evening Standard’s annual Power 1000 list.

PG has more clout than the likes of Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg… and even his granny, the Queen!

George’s mum and dad, although trumped by their son, did feature on the top 20; Kate at number 7 and Will (along with Harry) at number 11.

So, why PG – I mean, he can’t even speak although he does have a hearty bellow according to dad Will? Well, words or no, PG has become London’s biggest global ambassador – according to

I kind of love that PG is considered ‘the face of London’ and he has absolutely no idea – no idea about how important a little person he is, no idea how people are obsessed with his every move and no idea that he is more powerful than the Prime Minister. It’s hilarious!

But I have no doubt that his savvy parents (dad especially) will shield him from the trappings of his forced fame.

Source: – “The Power 1000: George is King of the capital – baby prince takes top spot on our most influential Londoners list”