Quick, easy and delicious veggie dumplings!

If you would like your child to get into cooking and would wish she would eat more veg, then why not ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by encouraging your child to make easy veggie dumplings.

Not only are these snacks simple and fun to make, but they are irresistibly delicious, meaning that even the most stubborn of young veggie refuter can rarely resist them!

Simply help your child measure out 2 tbs. of rice-wine vinegar, 2 tbs. of soy sauce, 1 tbs. of sugar and ½ tbs. of grated ginger and whisk them together in a bowl. Obviously whisks can be dangerous in young hands so either hold on to the whisk with your youngster or use a hand whisk – Either way make sure you hold onto the bowl to avoid your mixture ending up on the floor!

Next place 16 wonton wrappers on your clean, dry work surface and ask your child to place 1 tsp. of spinach, ½ tsp. of corn and ½ tsp. of carrots onto one half of each of the wrappers. Now for the fun part! Ask your child to drizzle more soy sauce on top of the veggies in the wraps.

Whilst you boil some water in a pot, get your child to brush the wrappers with a skim of water, fold them together and pinch the sides together to seal them.

You can then place the wrappers in the boiling water and boil for three minutes.

Drain the dumplings and let them cool on a plate.

Let your child dig in to her healthy veggie-packed dumplings with a small dish of dipping sauce for that extra bit of fun!