A quick, two-minute dinner for babies and tots

As a mum of three there are literally masses of occasions that I catch myself peering into my fridge wondering where the heck the day went and how time managed to pass at warp speed, as I contemplate dinner, or rather the lack thereof. Sadly, refrigerators do not have some magic function that spews readymade meals out at the push of a button, so I am forced to figure out what to feed the rabble all on my own. It’s tough. But I have discovered something genius! It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s also known as soup. Now don’t laugh; this might seem obvious to some of you but I have never gone for soup because it’s way too liquid-y for a self-feeding baby to keep on a spoon never mind get into his mouth. Even the ‘chunk’ soups are watery, so this is what I do: I break a piece of bread up into bite-sized chunks, mix it in with the soup and hey presto – a two-minute dinner! All the liquid is soaked up and my baby has a fabulous, yummy dinner.

two-minute dinner

If you’re wondering how on earth I managed to whip up a delicious soup in a manner of seconds; I did no such thing! Although I pride myself on dishing out home cooked meals, sometimes a gal’s got to give herself a break and opt for the fresh stuff that comes in a carton on a supermarket shelf. So carton soup plus bread – it’s an age old recipe but it works!