Ready-packed hospital necessities for new mums

Your baby’s arrival is imminent and you’ve got to get that hospital bag packed. You do a Google search, cross reference some lists and start packing. It’s all very exciting.

Ready-packed hospital necessities for new mums

Another way of doing it is through Beautiful Birthing’s midwife-approved Birthing Box, made up of carefully selected items for mum’s stay in hospital.

The birthing box contains 25 hospital essentials:

For Birth

• 4 LED battery candles for birth room

• Cotton flannel for mopping brow in labour

• Aloe vera lip balm

• 2 hair ties

For Baby

• Baby Buddy organic cotton comfort toy and teether

• Soft baby ramer sponge

• Cotton wool

• Screw lid top and tail bowls

• Cotton cellular blanket

• Organic 120x120cm large cotton muslin swaddle

• 2 white cotton vests

• 2 white cotton baby grows

• A pair of white scratch mitts

• A white cotton hat

• 20 Beaming Baby biodegradable nappies

For Mum

• Magnetic closure keepsake box

• Wash bag

• Large sponge

• Cotton bath towel

• Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Lansinoh nipple cream sample

• 2 Lansinoh breast pads

• Lansinoh breast milk storage bag

• Organic shampoo, shower gel and moisturiser

• 10 cotton hypoallergenic maternity pads

The sizing of our nappies and clothing reflect the average size of a newborn and are neutral in colour for whether you have a baby boy or girl.)

Right? – All the work done for you and with better quality stuff than you’d ever actually pick out for yourself!  The idea is that you pack the boxed items into a hospital bag, which leaves a keepsake box behind – a ready home for those treasured memories to be collected for years to come.

The Birthing Box is the perfect gift for any mum, although you might have to club together to order one because it ain’t cheap; £89 (but with free delivery) if ordered from