Real-Life (Kind Of) Pregnancy and Parenting Emojis – Finally!

Emojis have become a big part of our texting culture; there’s one for virtually everything imaginable (and unimaginable). Except when it comes to capturing the experience of pregnancy and early mumhood – and we don’t mean cutesy stuff.

Pregnancy and Parenting Emojis

Mesh underwear, morning sickness, potty-training and clandestine pumping in the work bathroom stall…mothers have been waiting for the perfect visuals to complement their daily text-based lamentations. And now, thanks to a new app, there’s a technicolour smorgasbord of miserable motifs to counterbalance the current overabundance of creepy-calm baby and smiling Stepford family emojis.

EmojiMom, is an app for your iPhone which loads an extensive catalogue of mum, baby and pregnancy-related into your emoji keyboard.

Every new mum will attest to the fact that, during those many, many marathon feed sessions spent chained to the couch – or when the sheer exhaustion simply makes exiting the front door far too effortful – staying connected to the outside world is not easy. Thankfully, we’re in the mobile age, and texting our mates throughout the long days (and longer nights) is the one thing that semi-saves our sanity. But in those early days, our lives are still pretty much revolving around everything baby.

Co-founder Sarah Robinson explains that the point of the app (beyond instigating some laughs) is for pregnant women and new mums to feel understood.

“There is so much about having a baby that can be really isolating, partly because much of the hard parts of motherhood (the mesh underwear phase comes to mind) is still taboo,” she explained.

Robinson told The Huffington Post the idea for EmojiMom was born last year after some less glamorous parenting moments.

“One day, I was getting ready for work ― one of my first days back after maternity leave ― and my baby peed all over my work outfit,” she recalled. “It was such a hilarious, frustrating, it-figures, okay-I-might-break-down-and-cry kind of moment. I texted [co-creators] Hannah and Natalie about it (as I did constantly in the early days of motherhood), and we all said, ‘Seriously, there ought to be an emoji for this feeling!’”

Of course, those first moments of being Mum – or Dad – are not all bad; the EmojiMom options include the soppy things, too: think baby bump fruit comparison emojis, and totally-in-love mama bear snuggling with her bubs. (There’s even a skin-to-skin one featuring a proud papa.)

According to the app’s website, there are over 250 pregnancy and parenting milestones to choose from. Check it out here.