Reborn baby dolls. Why mums love them.

Miss those early baby days? Those sweet sniffles and gurgles but mostly, the way the little body nestles in the crook of your arm, so warm, so cosy. In this light reborn baby dolls, made in the exact image of a child as a newborn baby make sense; it’s about nostalgia, reliving a time long past.

Reborn baby dolls

The trend is growing in popularity in the states and although the thought of a pretend baby that looks insanely lifelike might sound a little creepy, English mums are keen on the idea. In fact, Kerrie Williams, a mother-of-two from Darlington, Country Durham, has spent a whopping £20,000 on only seven lifelike dolls (yikes!). Mum Kerrie has also outfitted her dollies with clothes, toys and accessories, plus a £1000 pram.

And if you haven’t heard, another fad picking up steam in the UK is printing out your child in 3-D form. At £60 per figure, these mini-me models are a lot cheaper than the hand crafted reborn babies, which can cost up to £5,000 per doll. Again, a tad creepy but who’s to argue with a mum whose children have gone off to uni leaving a very empty nest?

Would you order a lifelike baby doll? Let us know why or why not!

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