Rosemary Ferguson’s juicing recipes: cleanse, heal and reviatlise

Juicing is uber-trendy right now — and for good (delicious, healthy) reason. Rosemary Ferguson, the former model turned naturopathic nutritionist, shares a few of her favourite juice recipes from her latest book, simply entitled – you guessed it – Juice. And the uncomplicated name of Rosemary’s recipe collection is everything to go by; fuss-free, yet full of refreshing benefits.

Rosemary Ferguson’s Juicing Recipes: Cleanse, Heal and Revitalise

Try out these top picks from Juice — each power-packed with specific healthful properties, and all a fantastic way to get a boost of nutrients:


This is the up-and-at-‘em elixir in a glass! It contains all the colours of the rainbow, so you’re getting a whole spectrum of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The live enzymes in the blue green algae, plus the B12, will leave you feeling totally regenerated after your yoga class – or after something a little less glamorous. Like Hoovering the living room. (In your yoga pants.)

Ingredients | Serves 1

½ beetroot
1 carrot
10 blueberries
Handful of spinach
5 strawberries
Juice of ½ lemon
2 tsp blue green algae
Pass all the ingredients, except the blue green algae, through the juicer, juicing the lemon through the juicer, or by using a citrus press, or squeezing by hand. Then stir in the blue green algae at the end.


Quite possibly the antidote to all those early morning kiddie wake-ups. Great for skin, the B vitamins in the greens help detoxify the body. Complexion and skin elasticity is boosted by the oranges, which are high in vitamin C – essential for collagen repair, as well as the vitamin A in the carrots, helping to strengthen the skin tissue.

Ingredients | Serves 1

Small handful of coriander
Handful of kale
Handful of watercress
2 carrots
Juice of 2 oranges
Pass all the ingredients through the juicer. You can juice the oranges in the juicer, or by using a citrus press, or squeezing by hand.


An excellent tonic to alleviate PMS and related mental fatigue. Rosemary is renowned for helping memory and concentration, while the sage will restore hormonal balance.

Ingredients | Serves 1

2 beetroots
2 stalks of celery
6 radishes
¼ pineapple
1 tsp rosemary leaves
1 tsp thyme leaves
6 sage leaves
Peel the pineapple and then pass with all the other ingredients through the juicer, wrapping the rosemary and thyme into the sage leaves – otherwise they will get lost in the juicer.