The Rough Guide to Family Finance

The Rough Guide brand is usually synonymous with travel books that offer advice and inspiration on loads of diverse and exciting destinations.

The Rough Guide to Family Finance

With such a popular and established reputation, it makes total sense to check out the brand’s new series, which aims to give families financial help.

Rough Guide has paired with Legal & General in a collaborative series on personal finance, the latest entitled Rough Guide to Family Finance, which includes chapters on managing your family finances, bringing up your children (with money), simple family budgeting, key life moments and your home (buying and renting).

The guide is written by personal finance expert Annie Shaw and is described as a helpful all-encompassing guide to family life. Whether you want to get better at everyday budgeting or you are planning for a family, Rough Guide’s ebook outlines how to better manage, understand and plan your finances with confidence and look after your loved ones financially.

The Rough Guide to Family Finance is easy to understand, translating dull financial jargon into easy-to-understand language that mums and dads who don’t have a financial background will relate to. And the best news of all; it’s free! CLICK HERE to download the guide, which is available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats to read on your computer, tablet, Kindle or mobile.