Royal baby name predictions – What will the new Prince be called?

I went to a birthday party on Saturday and I definitely picked up on a conversation about what the royal baby will be named.

Word on the web is that the couple are going to stick with something traditional – can’t see QE being all too pleased with a ‘North’ or a ‘Buddy’ . I think not.

Babycentre has listed the top traditional names trending at the moment (based on 2012’s ‘top baby names’).

Check it out (in no particular order): William (number 10), Charlie (Charles – number 4), George (number 6), Edward (number 48), Henry (number 23), James (number 5), Jack (a variant of John) and Harry (which is number 1 – maybe it’ll come in as a second name).

Other names thrown into the speculation mix are: Augustus, Frederick, Leopold, James, Philip, Richard, Edward, Spencer, David, Andrew and Alexander.


… there you have it.

What’ll be interesting is how many babies will pop up with copycat names after the royal baby has made his grand entrance into the world. We’ll keep you posted!

Source: – “Royal baby names: Kate and William’s big decision”