Sanity tips for Mums!

Becoming a mum is an elevating experience and one that is unrivalled by anything you will do. Although despite your sheer joy at meeting the tiny person you have nurtured in your womb for nine months, motherhood can be extremely demanding, tiring and be fraught with worry and apprehension.

To help you stay sane through those first few months of sleeplessness, seemingly constant nappy changing and non-stop feeding, here are five sanity tips for Mums!

Sanity tips for Mums

Let there be laughter! 

Research has shown that laughter ‘resettles’ the nervous system and relieves stress. Amidst all the hourly night time feeds and rarely finding five minutes to sit down it is important to try and retain a sense of humour, as laughter is one of the best natural ‘pick me ups’ known to man!

Take a shower or bath!

Getting into the habit of having a hot shower or bath every evening after you’ve put your little one down can help soothe out tired and achy muscles and will go a long way in your quest for keeping your sanity!

Eat some chocolate!

Many new mums in desperation to lose the baby weight and get their former figures back deprive themselves of ‘energising’ food. Lacking energy can be fatal in intensifying feelings of lethargy and melancholy, particularly in those first few demanding months of motherhood.

While going over-board on the chocolate is not advisable, treating yourself to the ‘odd piece’, particularly right after breakfast will help you feel more energised and cheerful and ready to tackle the challenges today is going to throw at you!

Feed the brain!

There is nothing quite as proficient as helping you keep calm, energised and ‘sane’ as some mental stimulation. When you are feeding the baby take the opportunity to read a book, do a crossword or write a diary, all of which will help keep your brain in top condition.

Get out!

There’s nothing quite so demoralising as sat indoors for days on end staring at the same four walls. Whether it be pushing baby to the park, getting someone to look after the baby for 20 minutes and going for a jog or popping to the shops, getting out into the fresh air will make you feel more refreshed and ‘normal’.