Seven signs of nesting

At some point during pregnancy, even though you may be tired and want to rest, you can experience a sudden need to tidy, clean and organise your home. This is what is known as ‘nesting’ and it’s a perfectly normal part of pregnancy.

Birds and other animals do it (hence the name) and it’s driven by a psychological need to provide a safe environment to protect and prepare for your unborn baby. Here are seven signs that you are nesting.

Cleaning everything

Not just regular cleaning… deep, intense cleaning of every nook and cranny of the house.

Washing and ironing

Even though you may have washed, folded and organised your baby clothes several times already, you want to do it again, and again, and again.


You popped down to get a drink at 3am and you suddenly find yourself re-organising the fridge.


Suddenly, furniture that’s been in the same places for years just doesn’t look right. You feel the need to re-arrange your living room, bathroom or bedroom. Maybe more than once.


You know you have everything you need for your new arrival, as you’ve been over your list 100 times. But you must go through it another 100 times, just to be sure.

Needing items

You may not have used that cookbook in the five years it’s been on your shelf, but now you absolutely need it. It must be on hand at all times.

Buying things

Not just baby things (your checklist tells you you’ve already got this sorted), but random things, like a new rolling pin, door mat or pillowcases.