Sharenting: why parents are doing it

In 2013, ‘sharenting’ was a term used to describe parents who share every aspect of their children’s lives on blogs and social media sites. Parental overshare is something that people the world over are familiar with, as children turn into virtual celebrities with the help of the World Wide Web. It’s a phenomenon.


But in 2014 ‘sharenting’ took on a new meaning, commonly referring to a growing trend for families to ‘share’ their children with child-free friends.

So, although there are many women who are defying their ‘biological clocks’ by having babies in their forties (forty-five-plus even), there are many (one in five) women who are yet childless in their forties. In consequence, families allow friends, in the role of godparent, aunty, babysitter and like, to enjoy the love and benefits of parenthood without having to actually give birth to one.

For the non-parent involved in sharenting it’s a way of bonding with a child without the emotional upheaval or cost, according to Katy Winter, writing for MailOnline.

And what you’ll probably find is that most do this with their kids anyway – share them, that is; in an effort to teach them the value of trust and relationship. Except now the practice has been given and name, and it’s catching on.

Watch this space.

Are you into ‘sharenting’ (either version)?