Shop online for baby clothes with personality

If fun and funky is how you roll, you simple must check out for baby clothes that ooze the cool factor.

Products featured on the site include bibs, babygrows, rompers & sleepsuits, dresses & skirts, T-shirts and hoodies, dungarees and baby trousers, shoes & socks, pram suits & outer wear, baby blankets, baby accessories, baby toys and even a baby boutiques – everything, in other words. Clothes are available for 0-3 years.

Okay – but what makes these clothes so much cooler than any others you might find?

I’ll tell you: skulls, stars, stripes, camo, animal print, lightning bolts, tutus and ‘MC Hammer-style’ baby trousers – all in bright, bold colours.  Enough said!?

My favourite apparel (i.e. things I wish that they made in adult sizes too) are the crochet baby beanies (especially the owl – and the dinosaur hat that has ‘sticky up’ spikes), the snowsuits (giraffe, cow, leopard and zebra-style), the skull & crossbones bandana bibs, the ‘skull & roses baby dress’ (!), the ‘black cat baby & toddler hoodie’, the caterpillar baby outfit… and pretty much everything else too.

I LOVE finding cool clothes for my kids. And I always have to share. If you and your kiddies like things that area  little garish, quite daring and potentially kitsch (my nearly-four-year-old daughter wears spots, stripes and leopard print in  multiple colours without batting an eyelid – much like her mum), or if you know anyone like this who’s having a baby, visit for a fabulous shopping experience.