Shopping advice for parents with babies

Shopping with a little one in tow can be a tiring, stressful and lengthy experience, leaving many parents not look forward to the dreaded supermarket shop.

There is however steps that you can take that will help make your trip to the local supermarket a little less stressful. Here’s our shopping advice for parents with babies.

shopping advice for parents with babies

Write a list

It may sound obvious, but writing a shopping list before you leave the house can significantly reduce the time spent in a supermarket, not to mention eradicating the ‘having to go back because you’ve forgotten the baked beans’ scenario!

Being organised is the key to a ‘smoother’ and hassle-free time at the supermarket. When you write your shopping list try to arrange it in ‘aisle’ or ‘category’ order, as this will mean you won’t have to keep returning to certain aisles and you will fly round the supermarket!

Visit the supermarket during the ‘quieter’ periods

Try to do your weekly shopping during times when supermarkets are less busy, typically first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Avoid shopping with a baby on a Saturday afternoon like the plague!

Feed your baby before you leave the house

A hungry baby that is screaming the supermarket down gives everyone a headache, especially his mum and dad! Avoid this situation by feeding your baby before you go shopping.

Take toys with you

Taking toys that can clip onto a shopping trolley or a car seat can prove to be a great distraction and can help keep your baby entertained for the duration of your shop! 

Make shopping more fun

As you walk around the supermarket aisles make the experience more fun for both of you by singing songs to your baby, playing ‘peekaboo’, pulling funny faces and pointing out different colours and numbers.

Take a spare nappy

Always be prepared for an accident and take baby wipes and a spare nappy with you to the supermarket. Generally speaking a baby sat in a dirty nappy whilst shopping with mum or dad is not a happy baby! Most of the bigger modern supermarkets have baby changing facilities, take full advantage of them!