Six great breakfast ideas for babies and small children

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it’s also the meal usually ends up being the least interesting – cereal, cereal and… more cereal. *yawn*

Okay, so how do we keep breakfast interesting for our kiddies? I think that the key is to funk up their cereal and to punctuate their weeks with non-cereal options. Here are some breakfast ideas for babies and small children:

  • Add dried or fresh fruit to their cereal – any dried fruit is great (raisins, banana, cranberries… anything) and as far as fresh fruit goes, banana is always a winner in cereal but strawberries and blueberries (any berry) are also delish! When it comes to baby’s breakfast, stewed fruit is a yummy addition to the porridgey-type cereals that most babies eat; stew some apple, pear, prune, plum (anything) with a pinch of cinnamon and a hint of vanilla (vanilla pods are best – they aren’t cheap but will last many stewing sessions!).
  • Egg on toast; fried, scrambled and boiled egg with toast soldiers is a fun breakfast. Egg and bite-size pieces of toast is great for older babies who have started to get their chew on, and smaller babies should manage scrambled egg  – it’s soft and easy to swallow without really chewing.
  • French toast, also known as ‘eggy bread’; thick slices of bread, soaked in beaten eggs with milk and cinnamon, toasted in a frying pan, and served with honey. Yummy! And older babies will love it.
  • Fruit and yoghurt. And if your child needs something more substantial add a healthy bran or muesli. Older babies can do soft fruit pieces with their yoghurt and smaller babies will have mashed fruit.
  • Cottage cheese, cream, cheese, avocado and/or smoked salmon make great sides to an English muffin or bagel breakfast.
  • A great treat breakfast is pancakes – this is great on a weekend morning and gives the kids something to look forward to. Make it a family affair and get the kids involved by allowing them to choose their own toppings. Even older babies can be included in the fun as they will be able to gnaw on pieces of pancake – add some soft fruit to the plate and that’s breakfast done.

Happy breakfasting!

Do you have any great breakfast ideas you’d like to share?