SnoofyBee: The Changing Pad That Keeps Curious Little Hands Out of the Mess!

We all know babes love to explore with their grubby paws, and there’s usually little reason to prevent them from their favourite pastime – except, of course, when it comes to the dreaded nappy change.

SnoofyBee: The Changing Pad That Keeps Curious Little Hands Out of the Mess!

Though if you’ve ever tried to wrangle a human-sized lobster with success (and without injury), you’ll have some inkling of how difficult it is to keep those tiny hands from checking out the business end mid clean-up — or grabbing laden nappy and flinging its contents skywards, showering bystanders in a downpour of poop.

Michael Perry is all too familiar with this daily struggle. A dad of four kids, who, unsurprisingly, love to make a mess and play with it, he’s come up with an ingenious solution to, uh, contain the situation.

The SnoofyBee changing pad is waterproof, wipeable, and folds up to be easily transportable; but the game-changer is that it literally separates your babs from the dirty work, whilst keeping them cushioned and comfy.

It’s good for home-use, and great when you’re on the go and don’t want to make public changing any more of an awkward spectacle than it already is – however – there’s no telling whether your tot will be a happy lil’ tortilla, or a tantrum-tornado inside this get-up.

The SnoofyBee may very well revolutionise the nappy change…or turn out to be another hilarious relic of 21st century parenting gizmos that our kids will look back on and laugh. Or hate us for.

Either way, it does make for an excellent photo op.

Check out the SnoofyBee changing pad and instructional video on Kickstarter.