Some of the best things about being pregnant

Pregnancy isn’t all morning sickness, swollen feet and back aches. There are some aspects of being pregnant which are lovely things that you can enjoy.



Your skin will be radiant

For some mums, they get the best skin they’ve ever had when they’re pregnant. You might find your complexion is radiant, clear, and flawless… so enjoy it!


You can ditch the skinny jeans

You’re meant to gain weight when you’re pregnant, so embrace it! Get on board with expandable waistbands and maternity knickers. Comfort always wins during pregnancy.


Resting is encouraged

When you’re pregnant, your body is like a factory, working hard to create a new life, and that’s exhausting! Carrying extra fluid and extra weight can wear you out, so it’s perfectly acceptable to put your feet up and do nothing for a while.


People look at you with admiration

As your belly grows, you’ll notice other people look at you in an endearing way – something that doesn’t always happen in our crazy world. It’s a lovely mood boost in amongst the rollercoaster of emotions that pregnancy can sometimes bring.


You’ll get bigger boobs

Not everyone wants to have big boobs, but some women do wish that they could have a bit more in the boob department than they currently have. If you’re one of them, pregnancy is a chance to see how the other half lives and to enjoy a larger cleavage – even if it may only be short lived!


Enjoy great hair and nails

When you’re pregnant, everything in your body grows more quickly because of the increased hormone levels – and that includes your hair and nails. You’ll also lose fewer hairs each day, so you can enjoy thicker locks and stronger, longer nails.


You’re embarking on a new journey

By far the best thing about being pregnant is knowing that, at some point soon, you’re going to meet a new little person who you’ve grown. And when you do, you’re going to be starting the most amazing journey you’ve ever been on.