The Song Guaranteed To Make Your Baby Smile…Apparently

Many parents discover their babies have distinct preferences when it comes to music; some dig the chilled vibes of classical composers, others feel just as content with pounding drum ‘n’ bass. According to experts, however, there’s one particular piece of sonic therapy apt to get your little one’s approval – whether they’re an easy listener or budding metalhead.

Baby with headphones

Baby food manufacturer Cow and Gate teamed up with child development expert Caspar Addyman and musical psychologist Lauren Stewart to analyse data related to infants’ musical tastes.

What they discovered was used to create a pop song made for infants, namely The Happy Song.

Addyman and Stewart’s study revealed that babies find up-tempo songs – specifically those that mirror a baby’s heartbeat, most appealing. Unsurprisingly, they prefer female vocals (Mum’s the word!) and enjoy repetitive melodies. Interestingly, infants “respond better to songs recorded in the presence of an actual baby”.

The cute ditty was then sent to mums and dads, who filmed their tots’ reactions to song:

Of course, you probably won’t be adding this one to your faves playlist on Spotify; but it’s never unwise to have one extra trick up your sleeve for when Mummy, Daddy, and even P Diddy just won’t do…

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