When is the best time to start losing baby weight?

Let’s be honest here; although shedding your preggy pounds might be something that you’re inspired to do right off the bat, the chances are that you won’t get to it right away – definitely not for a couple of months, at least. (Newborns are crazy hard work!)

Which is actually a good thing.

According to research by doctors from Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada, three to 12 months after giving birth is the best time to start losing the baby weight.

Why? – Because, according to study leader Dr Ravi Retnakaran, the period between three and 12 months after delivery is a critical window during which attention to weight control may be very important to long-term metabolic and vascular health. In other words, mums who fail to lose some of their baby weight during this time risk high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

The aforementioned risk factors were not present during the first three months after birth, and also a year after birth (unless of course mums have failed to lose any of the weight they gained when preggers).

Interestingly; more than the weight gained during pregnancy, a woman’s weight one year after birth is a stronger predictor of the likelihood of her being overweight 15 years later – research says.

Dr Retnakaran’s study tracked the post-birth weight loss of 300 healthy women, and showed that most women did not start losing weight immediately after birth. In fact, eight out of 10 mums weighed more three months after the delivery than before they became pregnant. But between three and 12 months after birth, 75 per cent of the women had lost weight.

Babies keep mums busy but crazy diets and manic fitness routines are not the way to kill the kilos – eating a healthy diet and regular exercise (the kind that fits into your baby-led lifestyle) is a more natural way of returning back to your pre-baby figure.