2014’s most stylish celebrity babies

The thing about babies is that they’re so darn cute – who wouldn’t want to dress ‘em up and show ‘em off? Some mums bedeck their little ones in designer garb, others do personalised jumpers and some can’t resist those cute little baby converse even if the last only about a week.

My guilty pleasure when it comes to ridiculous things parents do to fashion-up their babies is hair.

As soon as my very bald first child sprouted a hair, I bought the teensiest clips I could find and clipped said strand with no shame at all. My second child, who so happened to be born with a very black mop on her head (yay!), has been decorated since birth, and my four-month-old son is currently the proud owner of a (dyed) red Mohican –hair putty and all.

I’m probably a little eccentric when it comes to dressing my children but there are mums out there who are a lot more sensible than I – rather than observe and deny, they observe and apply.

Baby gift store My 1st Years recently revealed the results of a poll in which UK mums named the stylish celebrity babies of 2014, that rank high on the trend-o-metre. The winner will come as no surprise; Prince George – duh! Traditional as pie. And those cheeks, who can resist?

Second on the ‘cool list’ is Beyoncé’s Blue Ivy, North West came in at number three followed by Azura Dixon, Harper Beckham (not really a baby but…) and Alaia-Mai Humes. Eric Cowell came in at number nine.

What do you think, mums? How ‘bout some bows and bling? No?

Who do you think is the year’s most stylish celebrity baby?

Source: my1styears.com – “The Votes Are In…Who’s The Most Stylish Celeb Baby?