Summer Essentials for First-Time Mums

As a new mum, you probably have a whirlwind going round in your head. You suddenly have a little human being to care for, your life has totally changed and you may feel overwhelmed. Then the sun comes out, makes you all hot and bothered… and what on earth is the deal with a new baby during the summer?

summer essentials for first time mums

Keep your cool… here are a few summer essentials that will make it seem like a breeze.

Sun cream

If your little one is under six months old, the NHS recommends you keep them out of the sun completely, as their skin doesn’t contain enough melanin. Over six months of age, use the highest factor sunscreen and make sure you apply it regularly.


Even though it can still be hot in the shade, sitting under a tree or another shady area is the only place you should be with your little one. You can still play games, read books, engage in tummy time and all the other things you might do inside.


Keeping yourself and your small person hydrated is important all year round, but even more so when the heat is on.


Less is better when it’s hot – for you and baby. Light clothes made of natural materials will help you to both keep cool and your baby will love nappy-free time, so do this as much as you can.


At night time, a fan in your room or baby’s room – or both – can keep the temperature down and make things more comfortable. The noise of a whirring fan can also help to send a little one off to sleep.

Maxi dress

Not for baby – for you! The perfect way to keep cool and look stylish on hot days, a maxi dress can also make you feel more confident if you’re conscious of your baby belly (not that you should be – you grew a human being!).

Flip flops

Comfy, cool and easy to slip on and off, flip flops are a summer wardrobe essential for any woman! If you’re pushing a buggy or carrying a baby in a sling, the last thing you want to be worrying about is sore feet!