A Super Fun Storytelling Game for Kids!

Oral storytelling is a lost art – something we associate with our grannies…rambling on about the war and how cheap things used to be…but really, all of the fairy tales that our children know and love were once told around a fireside. Stories aren’t just about books.

A Super Fun Storytelling Game for Kids!

They’re about memories, old photos, conversations on the way home from school and walks in the park; and they’re about nonsense – wonderful, wonderful nonsense.

Magma Books has come up with a brilliant game series that encourages families to immerse themselves in the tradition of storytelling. It comes in the form of nine beautifully illustrated wooden dice that will incite imaginations into a whirlwind of bizarre, funny, creative story concoctions that will keep little ones up long past their bedtime (mums and dads too).

The ‘magic dice’ collection comes in three sets of themed dice; ‘Magic and Fairy Tale Dice’, ‘Pirate Adventure Dice’ and ‘Space Travel Dice.’ And they’re all equally brilliant! Whether you’re fabricating stories of princesses, magic brooms, wizards and potions OR flying saucers, cyborgs, mad scientists and aliens OR sea monsters, mermaids, parrots, messages in bottles, maps and buried treasure, the game is fun – a total riot!

Magma Books stocks the ‘magic dice’ as does Amazon. Get them. NOW!