Super Smart Swim Nappies that Protect Tots from Sunburn!

Swim nappies are an essential piece of kit when packing for a summer break – but now a new brand of bum protectors are even more indispensable if you’re spending time in the sun and surf…


Babyganics swim nappies with UV protection are an ingenious upgrade on the standard waterproof stuff; with a special colour-changing image on the back, the nappies alert parents when their littlies have been out in the rays for too long (before the burn hits).

Once exposed to direct sunlight, a background of sun and waves appears behind the derriere’s froggie pic — and eventually he turns pink if bubs has been soaking up too much heat.
The next bit is easy; just grab a break in the shade, or reapply some sunscreen.

Bonus: after your child has cooled down, the image goes back to the original, so you don’t have to do a nappy change if it’s still dry. Plus, the nappy has UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 50 protection to keep those baby buns from getting too toasty, and it’s formulated for sensitive skin, too.

Just remember that if your bathing beauty is covered up in a cutesy cozzie or wetsuit, you obviously won’t be able to see when the UV-sensing tech is working…so be sure to slather on extra sunscreen if you choose to let her show some skin.

Check out the Babyganics colour-changing disposable swim nappies here.