Swaddle Like A Pro: Practice On Your Dog First

The Internet is most people’s first stop when looking for advice and how-to’s; the following is neither advisable, nor really helpful. It is, however, plenty hilarious.

Suspicious dog

Perfecting the swaddle can be pretty intimidating — something like attempting origami on a wriggling, writhing – potentially screeching – tiny human. But…nobody said you couldn’t do a few practice rounds on a creature of another species, first.

A recent Reddit post shows a dog being wrapped a la burrito – or, like a baby; presumably with the goal of getting the swaddle technique down before the poster’s pregnant wife produces an actual baby.

The tactic is definitely not one you’ll find in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, yet the idea undoubtedly works a whole lot better than learning the fine art of gift-wrapping your bellowing bub on an unrealistically compliant doll.

For the record, the dog is probably more compliant than the real thing – although he does appear sceptical as to the method. “That’s the ‘stink eye’ if I’ve ever seen one,” observes a commenter observes. Another points out that the pooch should milk this insanity for all it’s worth: “He’ll be jealous when the baby arrives and he’s not the one getting swaddled anymore.”

Of course, don’t be conned by the pet’s relatively easygoing ‘tude; playing babies with a docile fur ball is no primer for parenthood – and will by no means prepare you for any of it. (Sorry.)

Via fitpregnancy.com