Take a Look at Maternity Leave Around the World

If you were part of the corporate world before you became a mum, you’re probably (or should be) well-versed in your country’s maternity policies — but do you know how mothers in other parts of the world fare in terms of paid leave, benefits and employment rights?

Take a Look at Maternity Leave Around the World

Take a Look at Maternity Leave Around the World

Whether you find your own status quo as an employed parent fair, generous, or totally unreasonable, a look at this could put things into perspective – and will probably shock you, too.

The infographic outlines the government-subsidized paid maternity (available to mothers only) and family leave (available to either parent) across the globe. While the International Labour Organization recommends a minimum of 14 weeks paid leave, it’s obvious that not every country measures up.

The biggest shocker? Apparent Land of Opportunity, USA, is the only developed country that doesn’t guarantee paid maternity or parental leave to workers. To be clear, this is a map of government subsidised maternity leave; there are, in fact, companies in the US that offer it on a private basis. But they don’t have to — and many don’t.

Also surprising is the whopping comparison between the United States’ penuriously economical approach and Europe’s maternal care.

Take a Look at Maternity Leave Around the World

Sweden offers a particularly generous maternity leave policy, with 56 weeks paid at 80 percent of citizens’ salary, and 13 additional weeks paid at a fixed rate thereafter. Finland’s figure, by the way, should read ‘days’, not “weeks”, but the socialist nation has little to prove, anyway — it’s already been ranked one of the best places worldwide to be a mother, and the benefits afforded to new parents are renowned.

Good news: the UK doesn’t rate too badly, either. True, we’re nowhere near as comfy as the Swedes; but we’re miles away from across the pond…

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