Talking to a young baby tips

Small babies do seem a bit blobby a large percentage of the time (let’s be honest) but in spite of the never-ending eat-sleep-cry-poop cycle, they are absorbing everything that goes on around them in an effort to understand their scary new world.

Human beings (yes, babies included) are social creatures – we yearn for company and we want to interact.

Developmental Psychologist Liz Kirk offers some talking to a young baby tips, on how to have a conversation with a small baby (2 months-ish):

  • Call your baby’s name to get her attention.
  • As soon as baby’s eyes lock with your own, you’ll see an outward display of happiness and your baby will engage with you in response to your full attention.
  • As you talk your baby will coo, open her mouth and move her whole body in response to your voice (baby’s talk with their voices, faces and their bodies).
  • Communicate with your babs by talking gently, using exaggerated facial expressions and varying the pitch and volume in your voice.
  • Play peek-a-boo: babies love being gently surprised and they like the repetition of the game – they know what to expect and find and are simultaneously stimulated by the fun of the game.

All of the above comes naturally to most mums but if it doesn’t, never feel despondent; communication skills can be learnt and mastered with practice. The more you chat to your babs, and the more you get to know her, the better you’ll become at knowing the best time for conversations – when she’s in the right mood and ready to talk.

I used to chat to my baby daughters as I did chores, walked them in the pram (to many a bemused passer-by) and even as I worked – just so that they could hear my voice and could pick up on nuances of speech and tone.

There’s no such thing as ‘too much conversation’ when it comes mums and their babies.

Source: – “Talking with your baby”