Ten creative ways to share your pregnancy news

I’m going to be an aunty (yay!) and my brother shared the news with his pals by posting a pic of Facebook (as one does) with him wearing an oven glove, holding a bun in front of my sis-in law’s slightly bulging belly; he’s giving a thumbs up with the non-bun-holding hand and she’s rocking an ‘oh my gosh’ expression. It’s really cute, and funny. Another of my soon-to-be mummy friends posted a red onesie reading “Keep Calm, We Are Having A Baby” – it’s their third! If you’re looking for a creative way to share your pregnancy news (with the world or just your partner), here are some really great ideas:

share your pregnancy news

1. A puzzle – that says something like “Congratulations on your new arrival!” or “Hey Dad!”; get your partner to put it together and see how long it takes him to realise what you’re trying to tell him.
2. A dried pea – wrapped in a box saying: “This is how small your baby is right now”.
3. Custom cookie – saying “2+1=3”.
4. Send balloons – blue and pink.
5. A coupon – saying “Redeemable for One (1) Baby—Available [insert date]”
6. Books – purchase your favourite children’s books and sign them: “Please read this to me in [insert date or [insert date] if I’m a little late. Love Baby [insert last name].”
7. Dinner baby style – lamb chops, baby carrots, baby potatoes…see how long it takes for your partner (or family) to work out the theme.
8. “Say ‘We’re pregnant’” – get a group (of friends and family) together for a picture and instead of “say cheese” the photographer should say, “say ‘We’re pregnant!’” and snap their reactions so you’ll always remember how they looked (anyone see that YouTube video?).
9. Special mail – have copies of your ultrasound picture made and sent them to family and friends, saying that there will be a new member to the [insert surname] family on[insert date].
10. Flowers – send pink and blue flowers to your partner (or family) saying “guess what?”.

How did you share your pregnancy news?

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